Are there any safety concerns associated with nudism?

Voyeurism is a big problem for nudists and the rise of the modern Internet. However, there are other dangers besides physical child abuse. Voyeurism is a big problem for nudists and the rise of the Internet, modern technologies and cameras the size of a pin head have made things significantly worse. The great difficulty is that non-sexual nudity is not a physical state of the body, but a state of mind.

The naked body that we, as nudists, consider normal and non-sexual may seem sexually attractive to many non-nudists. Many contemporary naturists and naturist organizations advocate that the practice of social nudity should not be linked to sexual activity. Some recent studies show that naturism can help increase self-esteem and, therefore, also have a positive impact on having a well-balanced sexuality. For various social, cultural and historical reasons, the lay public, the media and many contemporary naturists and their organizations have or present a simplified view of the relationship between naturism and sexuality.

Current research has begun to explore this complex relationship.

Maxwell Duvall
Maxwell Duvall

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