Can you wear clothes at a nudist resort?

Resorts with optional clothing generally allow guests to put on clothes or tastefully go almost everywhere, allowing travelers to choose their level of comfort. The only area where clothing is normally required is in restaurants for hygiene reasons. Congratulations, you've finally hit the nail on the head and booked a sexy vacation at a resort with optional or nudist clothing. Even in properties with optional clothing, most people are there naked.

If you're like us, you might find yourself looking at an empty suitcase the night before your trip, with no idea what to put in it. What should you pack when you expect to be naked? Turns out you'll need clothes. For example, most resorts with optional clothing and nudists require guests to be dressed in restaurants for health reasons. There are also areas where clothing is mandatory, and you may not be comfortable walking around naked in the sections where clothing is optional.

Here's a quick list of things you'll want to put in your suitcase when you go to a nude resort or with optional clothing. If you're having trouble with this rule, sunglasses are the perfect solution for first-time nudists.

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