How can i ensure that my friends are safe and comfortable while participating in nudism?

Explain that nudists have the common sense to know when and where it's appropriate to be naked. Recognizing an alternative way of life (or “coming out of the closet”) as a nudist or naturist can make you feel vulnerable because you share personal information or feelings with other people without really knowing how they will react. Many naturists hide their naked activities from parents, children, other family members, and even friends. They are often worried that someone will accidentally find out or that people will ask about the “camp” they go to on the weekends, ask to be invited, or say that they want to join them on one of the next trips.

Unfortunately, when you can't be totally honest, you find yourself lying, making excuses, or being forced to tell the truth under very unfavorable circumstances. Not only is this stressful, but it's also harmful to relationships, especially if other parties find out and recognize your lack of trust in them. In addition, keeping their nudity a secret gives the appearance of an admission of guilt. As each person publicly reveals their nudism, it begins to create a more positive opinion among non-nudists.

Friends, family and colleagues will now realize that they know someone who practices naturism and that it is also the same person whom they may have known for years and that they have come to admire, respect or love. In addition, as nudism becomes a more understood and acceptable way of life, it helps to alter the archaic restrictive rules that governments and societies have imposed on the nudist community. In turn, it ultimately leads to a safer and more prejudiced existence for all of us who enjoy the right not to wear clothes. Cypress Cove is one of the best nudist resorts in the world for first-time nudists.

We offer a wonderful balance of luxurious amenities, natural beauty and high-quality entertainment. The complex is large and welcoming, with a beautiful lakefront area where you can adapt at your own pace. Our facilities are modern and well maintained. We're family-friendly, so you should always feel safe and comfortable, even on your first visit.

Of course, there are cases where not disclosing that you're a nudist seems to be the safest option. It's tempting to try to convince people that they should also become nudists, and perhaps later and more timely you can set yourself the challenge of inviting your friends to enjoy nudist recreation. Over the years I've discovered that I have a few friends who are also interested in social nudity or who, at least, don't really care, although they honestly don't seem comfortable with the idea. The first part of this series addressed the benefits of sharing with friends, family and colleagues that you are a nudist or a naturist, while recognizing the situations in which this information could have repercussions.

If they have friends who influence an employer or organization, they should consider them allies and also include them because, in sensitive situations, it is often effective when a respected person says: “I've known for years that I was a nudist. I am very open about my attitude towards nudity and all my textile friends know that I go to nude beaches, etc. And I also know from personal experience that sometimes it only takes a while for people to overcome their problems and feel comfortable with social nudity.

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