What are the benefits of nudism?

More comfortable on your skin Allowing yourself to spend time naked allows you to get in touch with your body from the inside out. Studies suggest that nudity reduces shame and increases self-acceptance. A group of researchers from Goldsmiths, from the University of London, explored the connections between nudity and well-being. After years of nudist life, hundreds of interviews and conversations with nudists, here are my top 10 benefits of nudism and naturism.

Just the air against your skin. For many people, accepting being naked is a psychological, cultural, or religious challenge. However, once you've accepted that nudity is inherently non-sexual and that it's a normal, natural way of being, comfort sets in. The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines comfort as satisfied well-being.

Contented adds this dimension to the path to happiness. The moment I undress, my mood changes. I can't seem to get angry when I'm naked. Nudity provides physical and psychological comfort.

I feel better when I'm naked. I think this is why nudism is so powerful and effective for feeling good. It explains why many nudists become staunch nudist activists. It finds its root in our animal conditions.

The human body was never made for clothing. It works best when you're totally naked, as we'll see later in this post. The link between body and mind has a real application here. Being naked makes you feel better because it's inherently comfortable.

The NHS explains that “Vitamin D helps regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body and is “necessary” to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy. The best thing about vitamin D is that “the body creates vitamin D from direct sunlight on the skin when it's outdoors.”. However, it warns us that people may not get enough vitamin D if they “wear clothing that covers most of their skin” when they are outdoors. Nudity allows you to get as much vitamin D as possible.

By going naked with others, we choose to be vulnerable. You can say that being vulnerable is far from being a benefit. Well, to be vulnerable is to accept what we really are, deep down. Accepting our own vulnerability is a conscious decision not to play a role, but to live in accordance with our inner self.

In other words, vulnerability helps us to better manage our emotions and connections, while showing courage and being ourselves. Vulnerability is far from the popular image of weakness. Being a nudist and getting naked with others is more than getting naked, it's opening up our soul, telling others: “This is what I am, I accept myself as I am, accept me if you want. A Door Open to Respect.

When you're naked, you become more aware of and respectful of many aspects of our lives, including the differences between human beings, our own frailty, and our need to unite with nature. Naturism in this sense cultivates respect. Acceptance is the first step in our journey of self-respect and is key to our mental health. To respect ourselves is to listen to our needs and desires, to put our needs for safety, health and love first.

Nothing is simpler, when it comes to clothing, than being naked. Nudism has led me along the path of simplicity and of ordering my life, keeping only objects, relationships and activities that arouse joy. However, like nudism, simplicity and order are a journey, not a destination. It is a set of activities that lead to self-discovery, acceptance and letting go.

Read KonMari's post: it's not minimalism. When I think of nudism with the prism of simplicity, I can't stop thinking about the KonMari method of letting go of things that don't arouse joy. My nudist journey was met with simplicity and was a step further in the joy of being, enjoying and sharing nudity with others. It opened the doors to a lot of fun activities.

Most children are naturally fine with nudity. Their natural desire to be naked dies because of education. If raised in a naturist environment, a child will embrace naturism with ease. As adults, embracing naturism is like returning to the freedom of childhood.

The more time you spend naked, alone and with other people, the more you enjoy the fun that's inside. Photo by Alstersegler, CC BY-SA 40, via Wikimedia Commons. Clothing hinders the functions of the skin, the largest organ in the body that participates in the excretion of toxins and the cooling of the body. Clothing tends to cover a large part of the skin, which slows down these processes.

Byproducts, such as makeup and oils, that are applied to the skin as clothing accessories, also invade skin microbes and hinder its functions. Naturism fully exposes the skin to the environment, which improves the excretion of toxins and the cooling of the body. Nudism also helps the skin use its developed system to keep the body warm, rather than relying on clothing. For women who suffer from chronic infections, the health benefits and comfort levels of leaving their panties are even greater.


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