What is the best way to find a nudist beach or resort?

Take some time to familiarize yourself with the different beaches and resorts. While most beaches and resorts technically clothing is optional. Corniglia, Italy This small coastline is a long way from the tourist-packed beaches of the Riviera, and that's exactly what has made this isolated, pebble-covered stretch of Cinque Terre in Cinque Terre, covered by trails, a favorite of nudists. Europeans and South Americans mingle with some more naked locals, so the beach has become an international tourist attraction for those heading to South Florida.

Here, anything goes with lots of activities to enjoy in the nude, including a complete and spectacular nude beach. This former Army testing center is now managed by the NPS and is therefore exempt from New Jersey state laws that prohibit nudity on beaches. Sunland Holiday Village, the only nudist ocean beach resort in all of Australia, is a luxury resort with nearly a mile of private beachfront beach. Agde, France This Languedoc town, along the Mediterranean coast, is the largest beach resort with optional clothing in the world.

It has all the traditional equipment of a tourist city: bars and restaurants, shops, beach chairs, hotels and vacation rentals, but it also allows the comfort of total nudity anywhere in the town. And pay attention to the places where you get naked, it's only legal on the part of the beach owned by the state. Couples Tower Isle is located in Ocho Rios and has access to its own nudist island, just a quick boat ride from the resort. And unlike most nude beaches, there's a policy of 18 years or older, so you won't be surrounded by teenagers or families with young children.

Cape Town, South Africa It's hard to find a secluded spot in bustling Cape Town, but if you feel like doing a bit of hiking and Cape Town is full of fantastic outdoor walks, you can walk along the beach to Sandy Bay and reward yourself with a dip in the Atlantic. Keep in mind that you still have to follow the rules of nude resorts, so skip the photos and remember that public sex and nudity are two very different scenarios.

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