What is the etiquette for nudism?

Wherever you go, take a towel with you to place on chairs, benches, or other surfaces before you sit down. It's also useful when you need to shower before entering a pool or hot tub (see below). While you might discover a new appreciation for nature and the freedom of a clothes-free lifestyle, you can't let it get out of hand. Hawkins says that most clubs have the modesty of the 1984 Footloose minister when it comes to playing.

I understand what you mean and I agree with that in a way. For example, once we caught someone hanging upside down in a tree playing with himself and 5 of us got together, took him down from the tree and threw him off the beach with or without clothes and made sure he wouldn't return. He was so embarrassed about it that we never saw him again. It's been 17 years and I still haven't seen the guy again.

Now, this may seem like strange advice, but what if you hear about a beautiful cove next to the nude beach, or that there's a beach with an incredible seafood restaurant, just a 15-minute walk away? It's good to have a swimsuit as a backup plan in case you stray from the nude beach. Search from a complete list of the top suppliers and more than 14 million homes, cabins, condos and beach houses in every corner of the world.

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